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Augur V2. Launching soon.

Smartphone with the Augur website opened.

Redesigned from the ground up. Bet how much you want, from anywhere in the world, on sports, politics, finance and more.

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The world’s most accessible,
no-limit betting exchange.

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A brand new app.

The entire trading app has been redesigned from the ground up and is both desktop and mobile friendly. The new Augur is much faster -- you can now trade in seconds.


No maximum on the amount you can wager, or on how much you can win. No overall caps or limitations on the platform in its entirety. Your limits can’t and won’t change based on your performance.

DAI / USD betting.

DAI is a pegged currency that mirrors the value of the US dollar. 1 DAI is equivalent to 1 USD. Learn more here and earn some DAI for yourself.

Best odds & lowest fees.

Keep what you earn. Augur trading fees are the lowest available (~1%) with no fees at withdrawal. Augur doesn’t take a cut.

Community discussion.

Augur v2 is a social experience, with site-wide chat and comments on a per market basis. Augur is run and owned by its own community of users.

Universal access.

No matter who you are, how much you win, or where you are; you will always be able to access Augur on the Ethereum blockchain.

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