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Why Augur Prediction Markets

Nobody else has custody of your funds. Augur is 100% peer-to-peer, owned & operated by those who use it.

Why Augur Prediction Markets
Low Fees

There's no third party making money from your bets. Fees go directly to market creators & reporters.

Why Augur Prediction Markets

Buy as many shares in an outcome as you like & sell your position at anytime, provided a willing counterparty.

Why Augur Prediction Markets
Open to All

Augur is a permissionless protocol. Anyone, anywhere in the world can participate in & create markets.[1]Sharps are welcome!

Markets for Anyone Anywhere on Anything

politics and elections prediction markets


sport and football prediction markets


crypto and bitcoin prediction markets


prediction markets on anything


prediction markets on anything

Much More

Augur in 3 Steps...

Augur Prediction Markets

Pick an Event

Anything is fair game, from elections to crypto prices. Can't find what you're looking for? Create your own market with just a few clicks...

Buy and Sell Shares

Buy shares to go long on an outcome, or sell shares to go short. Trade your shares whenever you like or wait for the outcome to resolve.

Augur Prediction Markets

Claim Your Winnings

If you hold shares of the winning outcome, you'll get a payout when the outcome resolves, sent straight to your Ethereum wallet.

Welcome to the Future of Forecasting

Political Forecasting

Turn political knowledge into predictive power by betting on the outcome of upcoming elections, potential policy decisions, and other political events.

Augur Prediction Markets
Event Hedging

Hedge against catastrophic events like natural disasters, market crashes, and geopolitical upheaval by betting that the event will occur.

Augur Prediction Markets
Weather Prediction

Harness the power of crowds to create a more accurate weather prediction tool for events like hurricane landfalls, heat waves, and daily temperature averages.

Augur Prediction Markets
Cryptocurrency Speculation

Short a cryptocurrency or predict the next bull run. Hedge or leverage exposure to any crypto asset.

Augur Prediction Markets

Currencies of Augur



Why Augur Prediction Markets

Betting on the Augur protocol is done with Ethereum, the decentralized world computer. As one of the most widely-used cryptocurrencies, Ethereum helps make betting on Augur accessible to all.



Why Augur Prediction Markets

REP is used for reporting on and disputing the outcomes of events. REP holders are rewarded for reporting the correct winning outcome of the event after it occurs, while others can dispute if they don't agree.

Join The Augur Ecosystem

Join the growing number of developers, projects and companies building on the Augur protocol.

Why Augur Prediction Markets
Why Augur Prediction Markets
Why Augur Prediction Markets
Why Augur Prediction Markets

Augur Profit Leaderboard, Dispute.Tools, PdotIndex, LogFile.Info

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Augur Prediction Markets

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The Augur community discusses design and development daily on Discord. Community members are always welcome to join with questions and feedback.

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Augur Prediction Markets

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Augur Prediction Markets

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Getting Started for Developers

Anyone is welcome to contribute to Augur. The best way to begin is to join the Augur Discord channel, where the Augur community discusses design and development every day.

If you have a specific issue you would like to report, open an Issue in the relevant Github repository. If you have code you would like to contribute, open a Pull Request. Directions for setting up a local development environment can be found in each repository.

Github Repositories

The Augur Github repositories can be found at

The repos under most active development are: