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Augur v2 Deployment Update

May 15th, 2020
UPDATED: May 29th, 2020

UPDATE: We have fixed the pending Safari issues and have received and begun testing the first batch of order book performance improvements from 0x Mesh. While more performance tuning is necessary to meet internal standards, these developments represent strong progress towards eliminating the known blockers for v2 launch. We'll provide another update next week as to the status of the performance tuning.

Beyond performance work, recent testing led us to find and fix a couple important bugs, and we have added support for the upcoming GSN2. Additionally, we’ve increased the size of our Template bounties to $100/per vulnerability, and increased the bounty for critical vulnerabilities (loss of funds, manipulating open interest, forking state) to $30,000. More details are available on the Augur HackerOne page, linked below.

Since our last update, we have been working in preparation for the Augur v2 deployment. Below is a quick review of recent progress and decisions:

As previously mentioned, in the reference UI markets cannot be created expiring after May 15th. This is to ensure existing markets have sufficient time to accurately resolve prior to the Augur v2 migration.

The Augur RC2 milestone is nearing completion, and you can follow the upcoming, final RC3 milestone here on the Augur GitHub. The Augur v2 core contracts are finalized and in a code-freeze state, and the trading UI is undergoing performance testing.

We have identified a handful of stability issues with Safari, and a performance-related issue requiring changes from the 0x team and additional testing. We’ll provide an update on the status of these performance fixes on a biweekly basis. Once these are fixed, v2 will be ready for launch.

If you are a REP holder, you need to eventually migrate your rep to v2 REP sometime after the Augur v2 deployment. You can choose to migrate your REP at any point to participate in the Augur v2 reporting system. However, you must migrate your REP in the event of a market forking on Augur v2; otherwise, you will lose your rep (You can read more about ‘Use it or Lose it’ here). The safest thing to do is to migrate your REP within the first 3 months after Augur v2 launches.

We will be providing information with more details regarding the migration for all service providers, wallets, and exchanges that interact with REP very soon. Additionally, with Augur v2’s release, we will publicize a full step-by-step guide and migration tools for all REP holders.

It is our goal to meet and exceed high performance and quality standards with this release. We understand that many are looking forward to the deployment of Augur v2 and truly appreciate the community’s continued patience.


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