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Bet on Augur’s Top Markets in Just 3 Clicks

Announcing Guesser’s New Release

July 23rd, 2019, 10:00 am

Being able to participate on open prediction markets in a simple and convenient way has become a growing reality with Guesser. We have managed to grow the platform hand-in-hand with our users during these last months, turning continuous requests and feedback into new features that come to light today.

We’re excited to announce that Guesser can now be accessed from guesser.com, our expansion from four to ten weekly markets and the launch of a neater UI that accommodates the product for these changes that significantly improve our ever evolving offer. Last but not least, we also want to invite you to our brand new Discord server where you have the opportunity to interact more with us and the rest of the Guesser community.

Learning From Users

User behaviour drives our decisions. This has been our motto since we launched six months ago, helping us mold the product and markets to the community’s feedback.

Starting today, Guesser is expanding from four to ten weekly events, which will be part of the three dedicated sections we now offer on the site: Finance, Sports, and News. All of them will continue to be some of the most liquid markets on Augur. Furthermore, you can now also navigate through a Hot section on our main page where the most relevant markets can be found. Current market examples include are the FOMC rates decision happening by the end of July, the winner of the Formula 1 GP this weekend in Germany or whether Elizabeth Warren will overtake Bernie Sanders in the polls after the second Democratic debate.

Betting on Guesser

Brand new markets on the new Guesser UI

As for UI improvements, we are introducing new product details you have told us would help you see a broader picture of each market, some of which are:

  • • A max bet indicator on the hottest events
  • • More advanced filters by subtopic and remaining time
  • • A neater probability chart and prediction list
  • • A funny easter egg for those choosing too many filters
    • As we continue to build a recognisable brand everyone can interact with, we are happy to migrate the product to guesser.com, a domain that will help you share events with your friends as you introduce them to some of the best odds out there.

      Finally, as it was something you had been proposing within the community for a long time, we have created a fully-dedicated Guesser server on Discord, with section-related channels such as #finance, #sports and more. There will also be a Talk to the Team section, being continuously open to user feedback, market ideas and product features with the aim of making the Guesser experience as interactive as possible.

      Zero To Ten

      In February of this year and just as we launched on Mainnet, we introduced the Bet of the Week, our first attempt at concentrating market liquidity and providing users a better experience when looking for markets to predict. To some, this seemed quite crazy: just one market per week? Seriously? We thought a single liquid market was better than 100 illiquid ones.

      A couple of months later, we grew from one weekly market to four. Now, we are growing from four to ten weekly events. We like to keep very high focus and drive traffic and volumes at the scale that fits each growth phase, while providing you the broader set of markets to predict that you continuously ask for.

      At the same time, we further focus our efforts into three topics, Finance, Sports, and News, and will spend the second half of this year experimenting and testing how sections, subtopics and market volumes evolve. Our goal stands as it was on day one: take decentralized betting markets from being an interesting experiment to seeing relevant volumes. We’ve grown from the first few hundreds of dollars wagered on our Oscars Winner event to over a hundred thousand dollars traded on Guesser markets per month. We are happy to see this early growth, but we still have everything to do and are super excited to keep figuring out the challenges involved.


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