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Announcing the Augur Liquidity Partner Program

Added Incentives for Overlays to Pool Liquidity

July 18th, 2019, 10:00 am

Augur has the potential to create open, borderless markets where anyone, anywhere can trade on anything, but this vision will only be realized with pooled liquidity. This means that projects building UIs on Augur share their order books, rather than operating in silos.

A global liquidity pool will ignite powerful network effects and let prediction markets realize their potential to decentralize finance and produce the most robust forecasts the world has ever seen.

The wisdom of *the* crowd is greater than the wisdom of *a* crowd.

We expect that there will be powerful incentives in the long run for Augur overlays to share order books, making their markets more liquid and accessible. It will also become easier to do so. For instance, 0x Mesh will facilitate shared liquidity with off-chain order books.

In the meantime, the benefits of pooling liquidity may not always be worth the hassle, at least in the short term.

We believe that linked liquidity is essential to Augur and the broader project of open finance, so we are launching a Liquidity Partner Program starting in Augur v2 to jumpstart the incentives to pool liquidity. This program will offer a host of benefits to member overlays that share liquidity with Augur’s native UI.

We expect that with Augur v2 and v3, a wide array of projects will enter the Augur ecosystem. The goal of the Augur Liquidity Partner Program is to encourage and aid these projects in pooling liquidity and to incentivize end users to trade on overlays that do so.

Partner Benefits

More Prominence and User Traffic via

The Forecast Foundation will feature Partners prominently on the landing page which currently receives ~50k pageviews per month. The landing page will highlight Partners and one week out of every month, the main call to action on will link directly to Partner overlays.

Visibility on blog

We will run blog posts on featuring Partner projects

Dev Resources + Tech Support

Partners will have access to their own Discord channel with Augur core devs where they can get prompt tech support for building on Augur and ask questions about working with the Augur JavaScript API.

Bounty Priority

The Forecast Foundation will give priority access for bounties to Partner projects that pool liquidity, all else equal.

Discord Channels

Augur Discord is a popular venue to discuss all things Augur. Partner projects will have the option of having their own dedicated public channel in Augur Discord.

Get Started

To become a Partner, overlays must have a live product that creates a unique way to access Augur and that pools liquidity on all markets.

For more details, contact team at

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