Augur Roadmap 2021

7 months ago

4 min read

Here is our updated near-term roadmap. It includes project name, status, expected work, and open questions that we’ll need to investigate for project success. We welcome community discussion around the roadmap as well as the open questions.

The Forecast Foundation recently hired Naman Kumar to lead product and user research. If you'd like to chat about any of the open-ended questions or relay feedback to the team feel free to shoot Naman a message!

My mission is to set product direction and get Augur to be the vibrant betting marketplace that our users want.

I want to understand what works for you and what doesn’t; what you wish could be and what is getting in your way; what is nice to have and what’s must have. I want to your hear your feedback and I’ll use it to set this roadmap, which I commit to updating on a weekly basis.

So please reach out to naman@forecastfoundation.org or @naman_k!

This roadmap can be also be followed on our internal Google Doc found here.

Augur Turbo

Impact: Augur Turbo is an implementation of Augur that uses on-chain data sources for near-immediate market and resolution data. This gives bettors and market creators access to more market data, lowers the cognitive effort by having a simplified UI, and results in significantly faster settlement times.

Status: In progress. Currently integrating with on-chain data sources for markets and resolution.

Open Questions: What markets should Augur Turbo target? Which on-chain API's have the correct data readily available?

Integrate with Layer 2s

Impact: Integrating with different layer 2s on Ethereum is critical to the usability of the Augur platform as they provide users with significantly lower transaction costs, much faster confirmation times, and they allow Augur to cater to additional verticals that might be motivated by lower costs.

Status: In progress. Currently deploying, syncing and updating the required subgraphs with The Graph.

Open Questions:
How many users have been on-boarded to each L2? What is the onboarding process? What bridge was used, and did the user find the process time consuming or difficult?

Integrate with Balancer v2

Impact: Integrating Augur outcome tokens to work with Balancer v2 allows bettors and market creators to support multiple outcome AMMs and use other tokens as currency to trade for Augur outcome tokens.

Status: To do.

Expected work: Trade collateral for shares; trade shares for collateral; make a pool that only has shares; add LP protection logic.

Open Questions: What are the constraints of Balancers API? What are the liquidity provider incentives?

Add Limit Orders

Impact: Limit orders in AMMs are extremely important as they allow both bettors and liquidity providers to deposit or trade without being required to monitor the price constantly. Adding limit orders makes liquidity provisioning easier and safer, and give bettors tools to execute more sophisticated strategies.

Status: To do.

Expected work: Create in-house design for Augur's AMM implementation.

Open Questions: Use ox or Sushi's limit order implementation? Others that were missing?

Augur Website Revamp

Impact: Make it easier for a user to navigate to different Augur offerings. Shifting from a "one platform for all" UX model to a "separate product verticals for separate use cases".

Status: To do.

Expected work: New navigation panels and widgets; usability and user testing.

Open Questions: Is an embedded widget usability acceptable for both desktop and mobile? How would responsiveness work? What's the ideal switching flow for the user?

Sportsbook UI

Impact: The release of the Sportsbook UI will make Augur markets accessible and familiar to non-crypto users, specifically sports bettors. It has the simplest user experience of all Augur offerings, and will be useful to both crypto bettors along with sports bettors.

Status: To do.

Expected work: Requires both layer 2 integration and Balancer v2 integration; sportsbook UI needs to be ported to new front-end architecture; orderbook needs additional work.

Open Questions: Should the Sportsbook be built on Augur Turbo? Do we need a reliable crypto-fiat on-ramp, or is it sufficient to require users to acquire crypto elsewhere first for MVP?

Bettor Tooling

Impact: Make the bettor experience significantly simpler for higher bettor satisfaction.

Status: To do.

Expected work: Programatic trades via trading bot; adding Augur outcome tokens to popularized wallets so the user can monitor their position; walkthrough to be able to learn the page's user experience quickly and seamlessly.

Open Questions: Which user, market or scenario are these toolings most useful in, and what toolings have we missed that users would find valuable?

Liquidity Provider Tooling

Impact: Make liquidity provisioning significantly easier and safer (re: risk to exposure to underlying assets).

Status: To do.

Expected work: Slippage control on LP deposits and trades; price and odds monitoring across exchanges; limit orders; earning interest on your deposited collateral; a keeper to add and remove your liquidity automatically; ability to monitor related news events for your market in real time.

Open Questions: Whats the best path for adding limit orders? What kind of rewards or incentives can be made available for liquidity providers?

Dispute Resolution on Layer 2

Impact: This project uses the Augur dispute system and forking as a backstop for trading activity that happens elsewhere; in which a L2 deployment or Augur Turbo oracle is insufficient. It allows for forking the REP token on both L1 and L2 in the dispute resolution process.  It'll also be the foundational layer of experimenting with alternative ways to implement the Augur core oracle for market resolutions.

Status: To do.

Expected work: Abstracting the resolution from an Augur market in the event of a dispute, implementing a KBC (Keynesian Beauty Contest) oracle for L2 and Turbo that kicks back to the primary Augur oracle, and tests/integration work on the contract level to finalize the system.

Simplified Augur (L1)

Impact: Simplified Augur is a UI for Augur on Layer 1 similar to Uniswap and the Uniswap explorer. It serves markets for which L2 or a Turbo oracle are insufficient. It improves the UI designed for bettors and traders, and is made on a new codebase that allows us to iterate and launch new features faster.

Status: To do.

Expected work: Need to still resolve invalid filtering in the UI and fix the reporting fee.

Open Questions: What type of markets can we expect? What are the profiles of a market creator, liquidity provider, or bettor given X gas fees? Does the messaging around Invalid still make sense?

This post will be updated on a weekly basis. We appreciate you taking the time to check out what's in store for the future of Augur! To stay up to date with the latest developments, follow AugurProject on Twitter and come join the Augur community Discord chat.