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Augur v2 & Beyond

Creating the worlds most accessible, no limit betting exchange.

October 10, 2019, 09:00 am

Augur will provide universal access to tools that increase and protect wealth through finance and betting. It enables anyone, anywhere, at anytime in the world to create and participate in limitless markets. After over one year of Augur being live on the Ethereum mainnet, we're ready to share what's coming next.

Augur's mission is to create the worlds most accessible, no limit betting exchange.

Past: Augur v1

"The first version of Augur will likely be somewhat slow and slightly expensive (think pennies and many seconds per trade), but it’ll certainly be a beautiful glimpse of what’s to come." - v1 Master Plan

Augur v1 took years to design, spec, test and build. The product you see today is the result of years of academic research and engineering, not just by us, but also by the many that came before. While Augur may be slow, expensive, and clunky today - that won't be the case much longer.

Augur works, today. Markets resolve correctly, incentives are aligned and sufficent, and the system has proven to be robust against malicious actors. The fundamental building blocks required of a decentralized prediction market and oracle have been validated. Now, it's time to bring Augur to the next level.

Future: Augur v2

The original master plan consisted of four parts: v1, a functional beta, v1.5, integration of 0x for cheap order creation, modification and cancelation, v2, integration of MakerDAO's DAI as the settlement currency, and v3, integration of a scaling solution for high throughput and low latency. Initially, the plan was to release these in steps, one by one.

Now, we're going to release all of it. At once.

Come Q1 2020, Augur v2 will ship with both 0x (previously v1.5) and DAI (v2). Shortly after, additional contracts will be deployed and linked to Augur implementing an off-chain scaling solution (v3). The release will have fiat on ramps built in for purchasing DAI, login options with traditional methods (email, phone number, Google), a handful of various additional protocol upgrades and more.

Whats Next?

  1. Mobile first UIs
  2. Market making tools
  3. Focus on growth & user activation
  4. Bring the offline social betting experience online

Augur Trading UI

Augur v2 will introduce a re-vamped trading UI:

Augur v2 Trading UI

Augur v2 Trading UI
Augur Betting UI

In addition, Augur v2 will also introduce the release of an entirely new betting focused UI:

Augur v2 Betting UI

Augur v2 Betting UI

Augur as a protocol works. Now, it's time to switch focus to UX/UI, user onboarding and market making in order to actualize the worlds most accessible, no limit betting exchange.

You can watch Joey Krugs announcement talk at Devcon V here, along with his presentation deck here.

Coming soon, to an ETH node near you.

-The Forecast Foundation