The Forecast Foundation

The Not-for-Profit Foundation Behind Augur

The Forecast Foundation is a group of developers and other technology professionals who are passionate about the potential of decentralized applications. It does not own or lead Augur, but rather supports and develops the free, open-source protocol that is Augur. The Forecast Foundation’s mission is to support the development of open-source trading platforms, oracle systems and related technologies that advance transparent, open and financially sound markets, as well as their underlying protocols and toolings.

Our Team

Jack Peterson, PhD

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Joey Krug

Co-founder & Senior Developer

Alex Chapman

Senior Back-End Developer

Aaron Drake

Senior Back-End Developer

Scott Bigelow

Back-End Developer

Serena Randolph

Product Manager

John Danz

Front-End Developer

Justin Barry

Front-End Developer

Phoebe Mirman

Front-End Developer

Paul Gebheim

Code Monkey

Tom Haile

Code Mercenary

Peter Hicks

Senior DevOps Engineer

Matt Bullock

Senior Product Designer

Austin Williams


Tom Kysar

Head of Operations

Peter Vecchiarelli


Eric Chuven

Trading Advisor

Steph Alexander

Technical Writer

Perry Despeignes

Special ops

Ivan Petric


Our Advisors

Vitalik Buterin

Founder, Ethereum

Ron Bernstein

Founder, Intrade & Tradesports

Joe Costello

CEO, Enlighted

DR. Robin Hanson

Economist, George Mason

Dr. Abe Othman

Researcher, Wharton

Houman Shadab

Professor of Law, NY Law School

Elizabeth Stark

Founder, Lightning

Marco Santori

President & Chief Legal Officer, Blockchain